Why Aren't We a Democracy?

I’ve been pretty quiet on social media lately and for good reason. There is so much bluster out there that it’s just white noise to me now. Besides, aside from a snarky come back zinger on some fool, there really isn’t much point. Everyone is tone deaf. That being said, it doesn’t stop me from reading, watching, and observing. I pretty much know where just about anyone stands based on what they ‘like’ anyway.

That being said, all of this reading, watching, and observing has left me grateful that we aren’t a true democracy with mob rule but rather a federal republic and constitutional representative democracy.

The Founding Fathers studied a lot and through their studies they were able to recognize and catalog various aspects and forms of government that worked and those that didn’t. The also knew their own history. The original colonists came to the New World seeking religious freedom and freedom from unjust persecution. The entire state of Pennsylvania was colonized by William Penn and a group of Quakers and it was also the reason why Puritans founded the ‘Pilgrim’ colony New Plymouth. A true democracy would have placed them back in the same fire if the winds changed enough.

So how do you prohibit that?

Well, you write the First Amendment and you form a federal republic and constitutional representative democracy. What you don’t do is form a true democracy.

Here’s a little exercise to show how a true democracy would work. Go to work tomorrow and ask ten co-workers to go to lunch. Then try and get all ten to agree on the same restaurant.

Here’s what’ll happen.

Half of the ten will be fine with whatever the first person suggests. They are the sheep. One, possibly two, will decline the invitation because they brought their own lunch but agree they would go to the restaurant. These are ones that vote ’present’. The remaining three or four will object to the chosen restaurant for a variety of reasons and attempt to get the previous five to change their votes. They are the dissenters.

Using the example above, 50% said ‘yes’ so they are now the mob. The mob wins and the other co-workers voices are discarded. This is a democracy.

Other examples of mob rule are the media and those idiots in Portland that call themselves ANTIFA. Frankly, I’m starting to wonder if there are any cops in that city.

Think about it.

The media decides what they want to cover even when they are given wide latitude and legal protections under the Constitution. The media is supposed to be fair and impartial and call balls and strikes. However, given the recent events with the beating of a gay conservative reporter covering an ANTIFA march/rally/protest in Portland, it’s obvious they’ve chosen a side and are actively ignoring unflattering news detrimental to their position. That is democracy and that is mob rule.