Works in Progress


Home Remedies, Poultices, Salves, & Tinctures

In a nut shell, this book represents the culmination of many of my own personal pursuits. For example, in my fictional series, I needed to find natural approaches to common everyday things due to a variety of (fictional) factors. The recipes themselves may, or may not, have been presented in the series, but the research still needed to be completed. As with just about everything I research, I tend to dig up far more information than I truly need. So, since I have tons of recipes in hand, I decided to cobble them all together into a book.


Preparing to Prepare: A General Guide to Self-Sufficiency and Preparedness

I've got a list of topics as long as my arm, but I want to make sure that it's as all-encompassing, and as general, as it can be. I am breaking things down based on skill level (novice to expert) as best I can and by duration: minor disturbance (<1 week), moderate disturbance (>1 and < 3 wks), and major disturbance (>3 wks). That being said, as I continue writing this non-fiction piece, certain things are subject to change.


Foreign & Domestic Series on Audio

Now that Parts IV and V are complete and published, I’ll be turning my attention towards Parts I, II, and III. As I review the first three installments in the series, I’ll be tightening up some of the storylines (now that I know where all of the storylines went) and doing some forensic deep dive copy editing. I’ll be doing all of this in preparation for submitting all five parts of the series to ACX so the series can become a narrated set of audio books. I wouldn’t have thought that this was a popular medium given the price points but apparently a lot of people drive a fair distance daily. More than a few have reached out to me and specifically requested the series be narrated if possible.