Works in Progress


Foreign & Domestic, Part IV - Colder Weather

Part IV of the series jumps 20 years into the future from the conclusion of Part III. We've had our little electrical disturbance, but that has led to a trinity of destruction, chaos, and mayhem. The United States is just coming out of the darkest period in its history only to find a ruthless President willing to do anything to maintain his grip on power. New characters take center stage, with a helping hand from Josh and friends of course. Fear not dear readers, I supply plenty of moments to fill you in on what happened during those 20-years! 


Foreign & Domestic, Part V - A Time for Reckoning

Part V of the series brings the saga of the Simmons family to a stunning conclusion as the showdown between Josh and the despotic POTUS looms. Josh's last remaining goal in life is to return The United States of America to a democratic republic or die trying. 


Home Remedies, Poultices, Salves, & Tinctures

In a nut shell, this book represents the culmination of many of my own personal pursuits. For example, in my fictional series, I needed to find natural approaches to common everyday things due to a variety of (fictional) factors. The recipes themselves may, or may not, have been presented in the series, but the research still needed to be completed. As with just about everything I research, I tend to dig up far more information than I truly need. So, since I have tons of recipes in hand, I decided to cobble them all together into a book.


Preparing to Prepare: A General Guide to Self-Sufficiency and Preparedness

I've got a list of topics as long as my arm, but I want to make sure that it's as all-encompassing, and as general, as it can be. I am breaking things down based on skill level (novice to expert) as best I can and by duration: minor disturbance (<1 week), moderate disturbance (>1 and < 3 wks), and major disturbance (>3 wks). That being said, as I continue writing this non-fiction piece, certain things are subject to change.