A hearty welcome to the David J. Kershner website!

I have created this website so readers can keep better track of my writing, my thoughts on a given topic, what I support, and what I abhor. Also, with a website, I don’t have to worry about being banned, shadow banned, doxxed or whatever millenial word they make up next to describe drops on my Facebook author page... or my Twitter feed… both of which are still operational until I piss off the wrong people with the wrong politically incorrect post. I mean, come on… I don’t really like supporting either company but people are creatures of habit. They just can’t seem to give up their social media. So as long as my fans continue to use those mediums, I’ll still continue to push content their direction.

Now, for explanation’s sake, the difference between the FB author page or the Twitter handle and this website is that I'll be posting items on Facebook and Twitter that originate from my website with links that redirect you back here! However, I do, from time-to-time, feel a primordial need to piss in Hillary’s cornflakes or in some other Communist Democratic Socialists Party members trough. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Oh no! I’ve given away my politics! RATS!

What ever!

Anyhoo, as for this site, surf around and see what my latest thoughts are in the 'Blog'. Unblock pop-ups so you can join our mailing list on the Blog page!!

Enter the 'My Works' index of what has been published in terms of books and interviews. You can also get an understanding of what I'm currently working on in the 'Works in Progress' page! The 'Resources' pages holds all manner of information with regard to research, downloads, as well as what used to comprise the comprehensive accounting of the 'Useful Resources' sections I've previously placed in the back of my books, as well as any Facebook notes published prior to me having an actual website.

Oh, I've also thrown in some 'Recipes', a 'Contact' page, and if you're feeling froggy, you can read all about ME on the 'About' page.

Thanks for stopping by… and by all means, Enjoy!

Below is the cover art for all five parts of the Foreign & Domestic series. The final two Parts (published together in March of 2019) brings the series to a satisfying conclusion. All five Parts of the series are available on Amazon.com and you can get all of these installments for less than $16.00 (Kindle). Just sayin’…

Part I-V.jpg