Self Sustaining Restaurants via Hydroponics

I went to my daughters dance competition a few weeks ago and came across some signage indicating that the resuratants and kiosks within the convention center were self sustaining. Well, to be direct it only applied to their vegetable and herb ingredients. I figured that since I dream of changing careers to do something with hydroponic farming, I’d go see what they were talking about.

Right there in the middle of this massive convention center, instead of reserving the square footage for meeting space, the partnership between the city and the convention center carved out a hydroponic farm. To advertise what they were doing and why, they had various explanatory boards along with some glassed off areas where you could see what the growing hydroponically under grow lights.

I thought it was a pretty cool concept so I thought I’d share the images I captured while I was there.

Convention Center 3.JPG
Convention Center 2.JPG
Convention Center 4.JPG
Convention Center 1.JPG
Convention Center 5.JPG
Convention Center 6.JPG