WTF Sweden!

I’ve seen and read an article or two about people in Europe that are willingly microchipping themselves and my first thought is always, why?

Why would they be doing this? Do they think it is a fad like the idiots eating tide pods or pouring boiling water on themselves? 

Why would they, or anyone for that matter, give up what remained of their privacy and security?  After reading the article (link below), I can’t help but be reminded of a Benjamin Franklin quote:

 Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

I’m sorry, folks... but if the Europeans are doing this now, rest assured, it’ll be on our shores in less than a decade… just in time for the next generation of socialist voters to be finishing college. I think that we, as Americans, and the rest of the world need to take off the blinders we’ve been wearing as we watched Europe’s slow decline and recognize and admit that Europe is truly lost and the patients are running the asylum at this point.