Updates Abound!

Believe it not, I’ve actually been kinda busy of late… which explains why it’s been a month since my last post! Our family life has been chaotic to say the least!

Anyhoo, here are my updates:

  • The finishing touches are being put on the text of Part’s IV and V and both books with be released simultaneously shortly after New Year’s. Yeah me!

As an added side note, during the coarse of my interview some years ago with the Survival Punk podcast, the host, James Burnette, asked if I could write him into the book and have him die horrifically. Well, mission accomplished! As I told him in an email, not only did I write him into the series, but I ended up making him one of two protagonists throughout both parts. I drew my inspiration for his demise from history, of course. Think Rasputin!

  • As soon as Parts IV and V are released, the two non-fiction pieces I’ve been working on will be released. I’m shooting for late winter for the Poultice, Salves, and Tinctures piece and early spring for Preparing to Prepare.

  • I’ve been updating the Useful Resource - Books and Useful Resources - Websites pages as of late so be sure to click on over there and see what’s been added or re-tooled.

  • I also added a Precious Metals page under the Resources menu option. I thought it would be fun to mess with some coding on the site and inserted a real time PM table that is fed by the Money Metals Exchange website. I’m also looking to add an RSS feed for ammo… because, why not!

Weird, I thought I had more updates than this… oh well. That’s what I remember for right now.

  • Oh, and I did get my wife to sit still for nearly three whole hours and watch The Postman with me. She enjoyed it, but got a little antsy around the two and half hour mark.

Annnddd I just remembered something else.

  • Once these four books are released I’ll be circling back to Part I and prepping all five parts for Amazon’s ACX feature in order to release the series on audio! If possible, I’d like the same narrator to do all five parts for consistency. Personally, I’d love Scott Brick to do it, but I don’t think he does charity… just putting that out there in the universe.

There! That’s the last update!