It's Assessment Time

With my last post of 2017, I thought I’d remind you to do your yearly assessment. Right now, you should be neck deep in trying out any of your cold weather/winter related gear, clothing, equipment, and plans. While you’re doing that however, you should take time to reflect on this past year. Hopefully, you’ve taken a few notes (mental, paper, or electronic) to assist you in this endeavor. For each and every task or project you attempted or completed or failed miserably at, you should be asking yourself:

  • What worked or didn’t work?
  • Why did it work?
  • Why didn’t work?
  • What can I do to make it work better, more efficient?
  • What can you change to improve upon ‘x’?

Also, even though everything is dormant right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t take what you learned from 2017 and apply it to 2018. This is accomplished through reflection, scheduling, and the occasional list. I’m a huge proponent of scheduling, and list making for that matter. I find that a detailed and robust list keeps me on task more often than not. And we all know my propensity for Excel so I placed a Sample Task List on my Resources/Research Downloads page for you to use. I’ve also put up a Microsoft Home Maintenance template I found and downloaded.

Both files can be found at, or near, the bottom of the page as I load new files in at the bottom (oldest downloads are at the top).