Solar - Quick Start

As my search for land continues, so does my knowledge base for just about everything else. I've pretty much got the hunting and gardening skills down pat. That doesn't mean I'm the master of all I survey, but I don't have any concerns with regard to putting food on the table if push came to shove.

That being said, my recent hunting adventures have me itching to build blinds and hides for my friend's boats. I even found some really cool ideas on Pinterest of all things. Who knew. I'd also like to work on the use of snares and a bow (compound or cross) as these methods are far quieter than any of my shotguns or rifles. 

As for gardening, I've read about all things hydroponic and need to put that knowledge into action, but that's tough to do now that our basement is completely finished with the exception of a 12x12 mechanical room. Plus, I'm not a fan of staging that type of system at the in-laws. I want full unfettered access at all times. I need land in the worst way! There's always something else that can be learned.

Today is no exception.  

As I checked my email this morning, I found a link to an article that some off-grid folks wrote regarding everything they knew about solar. It went into sizing, purpose, cost, and they provided numerous recommendations. Having just read through what they wrote, I'm here to tell you it was one of the best written, most comprehensive articles on the subject I've read in a really long time.

Here's the article info and link. The article was posted on the Pure Living for Life website and was titled: Stupid-Easy Portable Solar Panels for RV, Off Grid, Boondocking and Camping