Seems That I Was Correct

Today (January 17, 2016) I learned... it seems that I was correct in my assertion that we are currently embroiled in a Second Civil War. Or at least, I had my thoughts validated by none other than Dennis Prager (syndicated national conservative talk show host). 

In July (2016), I posted a Note on my Facebook author page that laid out the premise for such an event. I took my time, contemplated, and deliberated this topic with myself for some time before posting the article (Note). In a nutshell, I tried to provide substance to the following question(s):

     What if we actually were already in the middle of a Second Civil War, but instead of cannons, the smell of gunpowder, and bullets whizzing by, this iteration is more akin to a Cold War... Would you be able to recognize it if we were?

While listening to Mr. Prager this afternoon, I was struck by his comment regarding a Second Civil War and how we were actually already in one. Consequently, according to him its between the 'leftists' and the conservatives... he has made a clear distinction between leftists and liberals where as leftists hate everything about America and liberals are patriots simply on the other side of the political spectrum from conservatives.

You can hear Mr. Prager's thoughts on the subject here: Dennis Prager Archive (search for Tuesday, January 17, 2016 and select the link for the first hour of his three hour show - you will need a membership, but I believe it's free).

During the course of his discussion, he referenced, on numerous occasions, an article he wrote for (and other right leaning resources as well as I've copied the contents down, formatted it, and pasted it below. I've also included a download button for my original Facebook author page Note.

Basically, Mr. Prager tried to provide a viewpoint by viewpoint breakdown regarding the differences between the left and right with regard to political, moral, ethical, and worldly views and ideologies.


UPDATE** (01/25/2017) Dennis Prager has also recently published an article at Townhall where he takes the image above and fleshes the concepts out into an article format. You can read the article here.