Now That Was A Sermon

The family and I have made it more of a priority to attend church more regularly. On Christmas Eve, the wife decided she wanted to try a church she'd heard many wonderful things about so we decided to go there for services instead of her cousins church on the other side of town. She has a big family that lives here in town and we tend to rotate through each others church for the holiday message.

During the Christmas Eve service, they, being a church that is trying to grow its congregation, had announcements and rattled through a calendar of events for their parishioners, but one of the announcements caught our collective attention. The associate pastor proceeded to tell the congregation that the next series the church would be addressing is the clashing of what culture and society at large says is acceptable compared to what the Bible deems acceptable.

The series, on its face, was of interested to the wife and I because we, like any other parent, seem to be in the never ending job of working with our teenage daughters to help them understand what is acceptable and what is not as a result of their truncated world view... and by 'truncated' I am referring merely to their ages. They simply haven't seen enough in their brief lives so we try and help them navigate those waters.

Today's sermon was just what the doctor ordered and I'm glad the girls were there with us to hear it for themselves. I've downloaded it so I can listen to it again... it was that good. Both parts of the series (I believe in the end it's supposed to be 4-5 parts), if you're interested in hearing it, are available here: Grace Fellowship.