Maple Sap Went Bad

Given the family schedule and weather, I wasn’t able to get the maple sap boiled down into syrup within a week of collection. I figured that since it was in the fridge, I was good to go. I mean, c’mon, I had my pot and thermometer…

Bad Sap 1 - Pot.JPG

I had my burner setup…

Bad Sap 2 - Burner.JPG

Then I went to strain the sap and this is what I found…

Bad Sap 3 - Cloudy Sap.JPG

Cloudy and slimy friggin’ sap!

Bad Sap 4 - Slimey Sap.JPG

Plus, the sap smelled rancid. Those are key giveaways that you should always heed when making maple syrup.

Word to the wise… figure out a way to cook the sap down and into syrup within a week of collection. Don’t be like Dave and wait thinking the refrigerator will be your saving grace. It’s very disappointing, but on the flip side I have 9 months to procure some additional syrup making supplies that should make the task easier.