Social Media and Website Information

For anyone that has read my books, Tweets, and assorted Facebook posts and "Likes", you pretty much know where I stand on the topics of government, defense, immigration, politics, rule of law, the Second Amendment, Pillary Clinton, Barry Obummer, and their assorted cronies as well as a litany of additional subjects. That being said, I have deleted both the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone. My accounts are still active and I'll be notified of specific activity in certain circumstances, but I will no longer be directly posting within these leftist vehicles. I will still maintain a presence so I can reach my fans and readers until such time as alternative platforms become more viable and available (there are a few that I am looking in to).

All future activity will come directly from my website moving forward. I'll still check my social media pages from time to time via PC, but I refuse to be beholden to these train wrecks of liberal progressivism directly on my phone. Frankly, I was just getting too pissed off at the sheer volume of lunacy at 6:00 am... so I'm voting them off the island so to speak.

On a different, but related topic, I have been updating both the Useful Resources - Books and Useful Resources - Websites pages on my website. There is a lot of new information on both pages that could potentially help you expand your knowledge base. Look for future updates to many of the website's pages. It was never my intention to make this site static and it seems the leftist buffoonery has provided me with an impetus to get off my ass.

Updates to new content will be noted in the blog along with everything else I have to say or comment on.

In Liberty,

Dave Kershner