Food Storage Idea

As I mentioned previously, I’ve deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone. I did this, solely, so my mood would improve on a daily basis. Obliviousness is bliss. Tragically, I still, on occasion, access these two sycophant liberal bastions of hate smartphone apps on my PC. I really shouldn’t do that. I’m currently embroiled in a tit-for-tat with a complete an utter idiot that has swallowed the “Obama was a the best President in history” and “we should revoke the 22nd Amendment” Kool-Aid. I really should be better at turning the other cheek… sadly I fear I am back-sliding with these intolerant liberals.

Anyway…. as I was perusing the conservative filtering leftist propaganda hate app (aka Facebook), I happened to notice an advertisement for an arts and crafts cabinet. The website is: The Original Scrap Box. It’s design piqued my curiosity. When I saw it, my immediate thought was, ‘what a great way to hide food!’

With some minor modifications (dimensions, sturdier piano hinges, and extra rollers), someone, who was so inclined, could hide a substantial amount of food in one of these armoire looking cabinets. Here are the images I downloaded:

1- WB_WhiteRaised_Crown_Closed_Full.jpg
2- Square_White_WorkBox.png
3 - wb3_WRP_crown.jpg
4 - WorkBox_White_NoCrown_Staged_6ef20343-2c25-4f2e-8800-09b1226e1c0e.png
5 - Dimensions_WB_29JUN2018.jpg

Can you just imagine if you made some slight dimensional modifications so that the doors were wide enough to handle, say, mason jars of various sizes, or stacked boxes of pasta, cans of soup, veggies, etc., etc. You could have an entire self contained pantry that literally takes up 4 to 8 square feet (depending on your modifications) of floor or storage space. Building this cabinet, by my estimation, is about $200-$300 dollars and several hours of work as compared to the $1200-$2000 list price for a pre-built item shipped to you. If you had the skills and knew what you were doing, this is a great space saver and a bonafide means to some serious extra storage.

I think the next time the wife is out of town I might have to seriously consider building this.