Amazon Reviews

I'm curious, using the Contacts page (or comment on the this post), drop me a line and let me know if you've left a review on Amazon. If yes, then great! If no, then why not? 

Frankly, I could use some more reviews and little sunshine blown up my skirt today.

Don't be bashful in your reviews or comments to me. If you liked my work, let me know. If you had an issue, let me know that too. But please, if you're gonna bash me, at least do me the courtesy of telling where a word was incorrect or what exactly you think I got wrong. I might not have gotten it wrong. I might have just employed some creative license. Something along the lines of:

Chapter 3, 12th paragraph --> you used 'x' when it should have 'y'.

I know it's tough to do with the Kindle format as each reader can adjust the font size so in the example above I just counted paragraphs. If you have a paperback version it might look like:

Page 197, 2nd paragraph --> you wrote 'abcd' when it should have been 'dcab' and here's the link to prove I'm right and your wrong.