Who Doesn't Like to Re-Read Favorites

Our home remodel has been progressing and I've recently uncovered my old Gen1 iPad. I basically use it as a reader as it can't have the iOS updated any further to be useful for much else. I have many, many ebooks on this device. Anyway, one such book is a book that helped inspire me to embrace certain aspects and elements in life, Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles. (And for the record I have no idea why he includes a comma in his name.)

In this book, he spends a great deal of time taking his "list of lists" (which is downloadable from his website by the way) and detailing the items out in either descriptive text or dialog. Yes, I know this can be off-putting which is why I've tried to avoid do this in my own writing. That being said, one of the more interesting pieces, to me at any rate, is where he goes into great detail to describe water catchment. This got me to thinking... I wonder if YouTube has a DIY of the subject of underground concrete cisterns? 

Well whatdoyaknow! Here are a couple links to just such a project. Enjoy!