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Sometimes it's easier to post random thoughts on my FB author page since I can do that fairly simply through my iPhone.. To be frank, there are several ***** ** **** employees that live to narc on a contractor for using the internet. Which is funny to me because the wife made me take down a post titled "Your tax dollars at work" and contained a half dozen candid photos of employees sleeping at the desk. C'est la vie.

Anyhoo, there might be folks that have this website bookmarked and don't use Facebook. So, I thought it only fair to post/paste the contents of my FB posts here so everything is equal.

April 16, 2017

People need to learn multiple growing mediums as a check on contaminated soils.

April 24, 2017

Saw this on my personal page and thought I'd share...


Interesting tidbit.... I've been reading through the first 300 pages I've written for Part IV and felt like it needed more 'zip' or 'pop' or action.... something was just missing. I could feel it.

As a result I added a new set of characters, but I wound up with a wonderful unintended consequence. In a nut shell, the band is being put back together to take on a very specific task. What I discovered with this new set of characters is that, during their individual/group journeys, the very distinct character sets go about travel in a dystopian world very differently.

One set uses their skills to carry favor with small enclaves and towns as a form of currency to barter. Another set employs violence, theft, and subterfuge. While another adopts the 'gray man' principles of anonymity and inconspicuousness. The last two sets employ avoidance of populated areas and rely heavily on hunter/gatherer skills.

It's a very interesting dichotomy that I happened to realize and stumble upon as I added this new set of characters to 'spice up' the storylines.

I sincerely hope people like this latest installment once it's finished and released.


I'm actually having a ball adding the 'pop' and 'zing' storyline I mentioned in a previous post(s). I've been using this set of characters to give the reader a proper mindset of ruthlessness when a country is essentially lawless for nearly two decades. At last count they've planted six heinous buggers six feet deep.... in very creative fashion I might add.

"It's good to be the King"...


Friend of mine tagged me in a post for this.... sounds incredibly intriguing.