Outdoor Fireplace

Decided to get away with the family for the girls spring break and we stopped at a friends home along the way. When I describe it to people, I generally state that the home looks like a giant hunting lodge. I used this home as my muse when I described Edward Tomason's retreat in Montana in Chapter 5 of Part I - When Rome Stumbles

While we were there, I decided to take some pictures of their outdoor fireplace. The one I'd like to build would have some modifications... of course.

What I would like to add would be a firewood box on one side or another for additional wood storage as well as the ability to add a grate for cooking. The homeowner did highly recommend the implementation of a modification he made which was to increase the height of the chimney stack by a further 18". By adding some additional height, he was able to keep smoke from drafting down on the seating area in front of the fireplace.

The downside to my construction would be the fact that I would have get a footer below the frost line which he didn't have to do given his location. I also would have to present "plans" to the suburb for a permit... and I'm sure my prickly neighbor would have a few choice comments given my desired placement.

Regardless of the drawbacks, I very much look forward to constructing one of these!