Is There Something I Should Know?

In the last month, give or take, I've noticed two unique vehicles in the parking lot. The first one I noticed was covered in a material that I can only assume was the spray on, no-scratch, type stuff they apply to bed liners. If you look closely, you can see a little bit of the bed liner-esque texture on the hood.

And the second vehicle I noticed just today appears to have been painted in flat gray battleship style color. The picture below makes it look almost black, but it's really a dark gray.

Those are two very distinctive, and very unusual paint schemes for an urban setting. I'm getting the feeling that maybe the lull we're feeling with the rioting and the objecting to the elections results might not truly be the end of it.

These vehicles and their paint schemes have me wondering... am I missing something? I mean, I think I stay on top of the news and political scene better than most.

Is there something I should know?