Second Vault in Svalbard is Both Good and Bad

According to a Fox News article (link below), a second vault is being constructed in Svalbard, Norway. However, instead of additional storage for life giving sustenance, they are storing analog data in the form of QR codes.

It's one thing for nations to store and preserve historical documents like those present in the Library of Congress or even perhaps the scrolls that were once part of Alexandria. It's an entirely different matter when this new vault is open to individuals.

Launched last week, the Arctic World Archive is a place where governments, research facilities, companies and private individuals can store their information for 4,000 generations...

It's this last part concerning 'private individuals' that gives me pause.

  • Who determines who, as a private individual, gets to store their data?
  • What kind of data is deemed acceptable?
  • Does a 'private individual' equate to someone like a Daddy Warbucks, or a Bill Gates, or a Warren Buffett and they must fund part of the construction effort?

Here's the link to the Fox News article. You be the judge. Second Arctic 'doomsday' vault will store the world's data.